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Network upgrade

07.07.2008, 12.47
Network upgrade


Today, the network capacity of Ovh is of 220Gbps. We will perform work during the summer holidays on the network to increase the ability to 344Gbps. Everything should be completed by the 1st September. The objective is to ensure quality of service for all our dedicated server customers, while maintaining significant growth in terms of number of new dedicated servers. For that we open a new datacentre in Roubaix2 in less than 5 weeks, we are reviewing the structure of the network and we are performing network upgrades to ensure the bandwidth in these new datacentre.

We start new POP (point of presence) at our network. Currently we are present in:
- Paris
Telehouse1, Telehouse2, Global Switch, Redbus, Ldcom, Interxion1, Interxion 2, Paris19 and DC1
- Brussels
LCL and Interxion
- Amsterdam
Global Switch, Telecity, Sara and Nikhef
- London
Global Switch, Telehouse E, Telecity 8-9 Harbour Exch, Telecity Sovereign, Telecity Meridian
- Frankfurt
Interxion 4, Telecity, Fibernet
- Roubaix
Roubaix 1, Roubaix 2, Ldcom

and we start new POPs in:
- Warsaw in LIM
- Vienna in Interxion
- Prague in Sitel
- Milan in MIX
- Zurick in Equinix
- Madrid in Espanix

A 10G network is being developed between the capitals in the form of 3 loops:
- Amsterdam / Warsaw / Prague / Frankfurt
- Prague / Vienna / Milan / Zurick / Frankfurt
- Milan / Marseille / Madrid / Paris (POP in Marseille will not be started shortly).

In terms of transit, we currently have 100Gbps capacity. We are adding new ports of 10G to reach 150Gbps
- Telehouse 10G in Paris
- Level3 10G in Paris
- Level3 10G in Amsterdam
- Global Crossing 10G in London
- Level3 10G in Madrid
This will enable us to secure the bandwidth transit in comparison with Roubaix1 and 2. We will dispose of the traffic from Roubaix to the south (Paris / Madrid / Frankfurt) and to the North (London / Amsterdam). Also, we will have a local presence in each city for our 100Mbps transit = 100Euro offer.

At peering, we are now on Amsix, Decix, Linx, FreeIX, Sfinx and Panap. We will increase the capacity of Linx to 10G and then to 20G (the local network in London will be completed in about 2 weeks). We will also be present on new peering points: PL-IX, WIX, VIX, NIX, TIX, SwissIX, MIX, Espanix, FreeBIX, LoNAP, NL-IX. We will also be present on PAIX in New York and Palo Alto.

We also increase the links of private peering (PNI), which enables us to ensure a better quality of service than a public peering point. Thus, peering with Numericable will move from 2G to 10G. We are negotiating with other networks the PNIs directly in 11 capitals where we will be present by the end August. We will use the SPLM / VPLS Technology to transport ChtiX between all POPs. This will enable us to have a large Chtix peering network and have direct VLAN to all existing peering points in these
11 capitals. A small operator will be able to take a VLAN between Paris and Prague to peer on NIX and it will cost 100Euro for 100Mbps.

We will then use this network for national numbers FR, BE, NL, UK, DE, PL, CZ, AT, IT, CH, ES. We already have 30000 numbers in DE, PL, UK, ES and we are developing an interco with the historic provider. In November the first interco should be in place.

This is a great investment that is made with the aim of maintaining and increasing the quality of service for our customers. This network will be able to provide bandwidth for 70000 dedicated servers. Our offers are not expensive, but the customer wants quality. The success of Ovh lies precisely in this impossible equation "Cheap, excellent quality" that we seek to resolve every day!:-)