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30.01.2012, 16.34
Molto utile, sul sensation xe funziona senza problemi.

24.01.2012, 13.51
Con LG Optimus One (Android 2.3.3) lo installa e lo esegue ma non accetta il login

20.01.2012, 12.19
Segnalato, appena ho notizie scrivo l'edit su questo post
Grazie intanto per il feedback.

20.01.2012, 10.42
La OVH (beta)

Comunque fa la stessa cosa anche l'altra applicazione.

ROM stock (rooted)

20.01.2012, 10.30
Quale applicazione ?
hubiC o OVH (beta) ?
Riusciresti ad inviare una screenshot (qui o via mail a ?
ROM stock o modificata?

20.01.2012, 09.49
Stranamente non va su un normalissimo SonyEricsson Xperia Arc con android 2.3.4.
Non che non parte, che sul market me lo da direttamente come incompatibile: come mai dovrebbe essere incompatibile?

19.01.2012, 12.57

OVH Dev profile

OVH (beta)


OVH Android in its Beta version allows you to :
- Manage your domains (new !)
- Manage your dedicated servers (new !)
- Manage your VPS
- See your accounts' personnal informations
- Follow OVH tasks in real timeThe application will gradually be
enhanced with all functionalities available in other managers.


hubiC allows you to store and secure your data in the Cloud.
You decide how and with who you want to share your files.
Imagine: you no longer need to keep a USB key with you at all times,
or send yourself an email to access your own documents on another
computer, or even buy external hard drives to store your data!
All your files are in one safe location and available wherever you are.
You can even share this data with other people, creating mini-communities
with your family, friends and co-workers.

-Access to all your data in your private space: only one user can do that: you.
-Create and delete files, organize your content
-Load documents on your phone